Our people

Our team is conformed by specialists from various areas of knowledge, constituting a true interdisciplinary group

The Institute is the result of an effort by the INECO Foundation to convene specialists in applied research in neuroscience, psychology, behavioral economics, social sciences and other areas of knowledge relevant to the design of public policies.

The INPP benefits from the network of researchers that INECO Foundation has been building since its creation and also has important links with non-governmental institutions, international organizations, the public sector, and clients interested in applied research in behavioral sciences.


Dr. Fernando Torrente

Scientific director

gaston manes

Dr. Gastón Manés

chief executive

Dr. Pedro Bekinschtein  | Investigador

Dr. Pedro Bekinschtein


pablo lopez

Dr. Pablo López


adrian yoris

Dr. Adrián Yoris


mica santilli2

Lic. Micaela Santilli



Lic. Delfina Ailán

Research assistant


Lic. Emilia del Cerro

Research assistant


Lic. Bárbara Gorodestzky

Research assistant

Julieta del negro

Julieta del Negro

Research assistant

foto euge

Mg. Eugenia López

Scientist Communicator

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